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More commonly known as “The G Brothers”, Billy (15) and Brian (12) Grant have hit the ground running lately with their pure and natural music talents.

They have performed at venues that span from festivals and theatres, to national television stations and radio shows. At each show it is not unlikely to hear from fellow listeners that the dynamic duo remind them of notable acts such as, “The Everly Brothers” and “Brooks and Dunn”. Along with sounding like such artists, The G Brothers have a very unique sound. Most of this comes from their “brotherly blend” or in other words, their rich, sibling vocal harmony…


“We had the same feeling listening to you guys as we did with Taylor Swift before she was big! You guys are going to make it!”

Tim N’ Willy, Tim N’ Willy’s Morning Show, KMLE 108

“I LOVE The G Brothers… such impressive talent in not-quite-adult size packages.  I’m really impressed with their musical talent – their singing, playing and writing.  And my mother was a musician, so I’ve inherited some of her tough standards! J  Billy and Brian are naturals, completely at ease whether they’re performing or just talking about themselves and what they do.  I’m sure they’ll go far!  Good luck!”

Jeanne Sparrow, WCIU’s You & Me This Morning

“Country heartthrobs Brad Paisley and Keith Urban better watch their back…”

Felicitas Cortez, Orland Park Patch

“Can’t wait to see what happens to these two! My senses tell me they are gonna be HUGE!!”

Melissa Forman, WCIU’s You & Me This Morning

Down The Road

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Step Up CD

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Down The Road CD

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